Fly fishing in Abu Dhabi – solo trip

Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi

Its been a busy last few weeks as the year draws to a rapid end. What a year 2016 has been. Really looking forward to 2017 as it promises to be full of action , success, and plenty of fishing!! Im definitely planning some trips outside of the UAE to explore new fishing locations and fish for some different species.

I headed out for a solo trip aka fishing alone last week Friday which was Christmas eve. Was out on the water by 7.30am and headed for the main sea only to be met by very high waves. Tried to push out through them but it wasn’t looking good for fishing open sea and instead headed for one of my favourite spots inshore fly fishing Abu Dhabi to target some queen fish . Ive recently bought two new Sage Xi series saltwater fly rods for use on the boat and they are simply beautiful and very good casting and powerful enough to handle any saltwater fish we have here in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

With both go pro cameras set up and the Garmin GPS, i started patrolling the area for rising queen fish and watching for the bird activity. It was pretty quite for the first hour or so until i reached a school of feeding queens. A few casts into the school but no luck setting the hook and the fish were moving fast and feeding sometimes rising in one area and moving quite rapidly 300 meters away which made the fishing quite difficult.

One thing ive learned over the years Fly Fishing inAbu Dhabi is to be patient. When you find fish feeding, no need to keep chasing them down and scaring them with engine noise, the best thing ive learnt to do its get close by and just drift and eventually the fish will move right by you making it much easier to cast to and less of spooking the fish away with engines.  With all this said and done, i had a great school of feeding queen fish surround the boat and along with a lot of sea gulls feeding top water….PERFECT!!

I reached for the Sage Xi3 10 weight fly rod and had tied on a small white minnow clouser that id purchased a few weeks ago from Corkie Flies and then cast the line back and forth to get some distance. There was a little wind around so i adopted using the double haul which helped with a bit more distance and accuracy. As the fly hit the water, i could see plenty of fish and gave a quick one, two strip and then a burst of strip , strip, strip and BOOOOOM, FISH ON!!!

Now as id mentioned earlier, id come out solo today so no one to manage the drifting boat other than me and with a fighting queen fish on the end of my line, it was a task i can tell you starting the engines and steering the boat away from the rapidly approaching sea wall whilst at the same time trying to play the fish in the other hand…..!!

Not to be out witted though i put the boat in place, switched off the engines and got back into action all within a few seconds, nicely done Captain… 😉  I played the fish for a few minutes until she was boat side, caught her on the go pro and then released her back to the water to fight another day. Great action on the Sage Xi3 fly rod and the white minnow clouser from Corkie Flies worked a treat!

Here’s a video of the action and you can also check out our other videos at  :



If you are visiting or indeed living in the UAE and would like to come for a Fishing trip with us here at Uncovered Waters, then do get in touch and ill be happy to get you out on the water!

Wishing you all a beautiful NEW YEAR!


Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi – Queen Fish

*This post is from April*

Headed out a few weeks ago to the small collection of islands off the Abu Dhabi mainland and scouted around for some queen fish. Queen fish are an awesome fish to catch on fly. They give an initial run and a few more before tiring out and easily landed. They are in abundance around Abu Dhabi and indeed across the UAE.

It wasnt long before leaving the launch spot that we ran out an into some bird action and hitting the water for small bit fish. Slowly approaching them and engines off, we drifted over and cast into the pack and instantly a hook up for Chris and then for me. Small queenies these were but fun all the same and taken on a nice medium size hook white and blue clouser.

I like clousers as they are a good all round fly for catching a variety of fish. They are also relatively easy to and i always have a good selection of white, blue, chartreuse and pink patterns in my fly box, they have never let me down yet.

Due to the currents moving quickly with the tide changes the school of bait fish had moved on and so we decided to head out to a small island overlooking the western region and indeed back to the city of Abu Dhabi. I walked the beaches looking for fish to sight cast to but no luck for me. Chris on the other hand had a nice silver tail and a small hammour.


The weather is warming up in Abu Dhabi now as summer approaches but the fishing will still continue as we target queenfish, trevally and Milk fish which are usually here all year round.

The boat is in for maintenance at the moment up in Fujiarah but will be in the water and ready for taking out clients for guided trips again very soon and im looking forward to having you all out on the boat very soon.

Here are some pics of the boat being prepared for you all. She will be a great fly fishing, light tackle spinning and deep sea trolling platform!



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Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi UAE

After a crazy week of weather in Abu Dhabi, where we saw hurricane winds, rain, sink holes, buildings damaged, trees up rooted, airplanes damaged, you name it, if it was in the weathers ways, it got hit and smashed big time.

Got myself a Gopro Camera recently after wanting one for a while so eager as a kid can be with a new gadget, i headed down to the Salt Flats today to test it out.

No fish caught today unfortunately but saw some big splashes and jumps way out in front of me but couldn’t reach them with a cast as they were well over 200 feet away.



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Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi – Bait Balls, Queen Fish and Black Tip reef Sharks

I was invited a week ago to fish with Chris who had recently taken delivery of his new boat and was keen to get it out on the water and fly fish.

We met near Chris’s home and and rigged up the rods and boat and set off for the launch spot. Conveniently the launch spot is only 15 minutes drive away so by 9am, we were on the water and heading for the fishing grounds. After a bit of confusion on the right direction to the spot we wanted to hit, we eventually found our way passing many jumping fish (which looked like Mullet) along the way which was encouraging to see as the tide was rising into the channels.

Upon reaching the spot, we drifted for a short while and blind casted and monitored the currents and any sign of rises and bird activity.

It was pretty quiet for a while then all of a sudden Chris spots a few splashes and upon closer look we see birds hitting the water and what appeared to be a bait ball.



Drifting with the boat closer to the bait ball, we then notice it was a massive school of queen fish and along side them, 2 5 and half feet black tip reef sharks, all smashing the bait fish!




Neither the sharks nor queen fish seemed both by one another and were instead together in harmony working the bait fish into a tight pack where they munched till their hearts were content.

Chris cast a line and was first into a nice sized queen, and a bit of playing the fish, he had it boat side and along followed 4 other queens watching their buddy be brought in. I flicked my line out with the trusted green and white clouser to the following fish and boom, hook up and “fish on”! Again after a few minutes of play, the fish were both on board for a few pics and released. Awesome!


By now the area around us was raining bait fish, queens and the tow sharks and i literally mean raining bait fish, splash, splash, splash all around us and we could literally take our pick of where to cast….awesome!  Between us we hooked around 7-8 fish throughout the morning and it wasnt until several other boats approached the area that the fish then all scarpered and the bait ball moved on.

The boat was an perfect size and ride for the area we fished and extremely stable. For its maiden voyage, it did both Chris and I proud.

An awesome mornings fishing and a lot of fish taken in the 4 hour trip we did!


“Fish On and Hit It..!”


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Grunters on the Salt Flats – Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi

Back on the salt flats yesterday morning to further explore my old fishing ground with Captain B. Previous week it was far to windy to cast or sight cast and was very difficult fishing.

Left the house around 7.15 am and called to check on Captain B who was en route from Umm Al Qwain to join me for the morning. B was already close to the fishing grounds and i was just leaving, he’d made good time taking only two hours to get there! Time to put my foot down on the petrol and get a move on. It never seems to amaze me how easy it is to get up in the morning for something you love doing and have a passion for 🙂

Beautiful morning as i made my way through Abu Dhabi towards the flats and almost zero wind around. Got off the highway and followed the road down to the flats where i found B’s car parked up and i could see him in the distance already casting away. I geared up and packed the food and drinks into my ruck sack. Unfortunately there were no Chicken Francks for us today in the ADNOC station which is not a good sign. As i reported before, we live for fly fishing and chicken franks so had to settle for  a cheese, turkey and black olive croissant 🙂


I set off to catch B up and after a good 20 minute walk reached the flats and spoke to B. No luck just yet on any fish so we had a quick chat and discussed tactics. The tide was rising slowly and flooding onto the flats which is a good sign that there would be some good predators around to target and as we scanned the flats, we could see some tails which were thought for a minute could be milk fish !!! After further investigation, we realized they were very large needle fish which we don’t really like as they annihilate your fly and although they dance and give a good fight, we were really after different species. I waded out to a spot and stood on the rocks, knew deep in the water and began with a small clouser, white and blue colour. A few casts and some small strikes later i caught a bloody needlefish hahahaha! A quick retrieve and release, i cast again and carried on. Ten mins must have past and then i changed up my fly for a green and white deceiver which had weighted eyes so i could get down a bit further as i felt the fish were deeper and i also had on my intermediate fly line. Several casts later and with a slow retrieve i get a very good take on the fly , boom and the rod bends and line goes tight (we all know that feeling… 🙂 )!! This fish felt good and started to take line , i turned to B who hadn’t noticed and shouted “FISH ON”, then he noticed 🙂  Deeper the fish dived and more line taken, i was wondering what it was, hammour nah, couldn’t be, queen fish, could be but hadn’t seen any jumps yet, needle fish (i hope not…) and then i got a real good flash of silver and a bit of surface and i could see it was either a sea bream or Nagroor (grunter).


Fish dived again and took more line, i tightened the drag more and got the excess line back onto the reel and got in control. Still knee deep in the rising tide i stepped back a bit into the shallows and began to play the fish towards the shallow waters and eventually landed a very nice Nagroor.


I decided to keep this one for the table and dinner on Saturday. Whilst i took the fish back onto dry land, B stepped into where i ad been casting and fished on (tag team you see 🙂 ). After a good 10 minutes away fro the action and putting the fish away, i saw that the fly was quite badly damaged from that action so checked the box and didn’t have anymore of the same size flies so went up a few hook sizes and put on the same fly but larger. I moved back into place and cast again, several casts later i got another cracking take and this felt the same as before but a bit stronger. Same process and play time i had a feeling it was another nagroor and after 5 minutes of playing the fish it came up to surface and it was indeed another nagroor only slightly fatter. Again i backed into the shallows and as i bent down to grip the fish, it flipped and i got one of its spines in my thumb, line snapped and after running for a second in pain from the inserted spine in my thumb, the fish swam off laughing as it went…….! I took the snips i had and pulled out the spine , cursing as i did and allowed the blood to flow.


We then had a visit from the coats guard who asked us to move on from where we were fishing, so we packed up and made our way back to the main land and take a break and have a cheese,turkey and black olive croissants.

We fished on for a further 30 minutes making our way back to the cars as we did and eventually reached the other side of the flats and broke down the gear and packed up to drive home.

Another great adventure and a fish for the table!



Tight lines, fish on and fly fishing Abu Dhabi!