Hello all, for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Adam Harvey. I live in Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and I relocated here in December 2007.

I love fishing which is what i aim to write mostly about in my blog and generally life experiences gained from living in the UAE,

Thanks for reading…!!


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  1. Nice work on the blogs Adam.I have just moved here and started kayak fishing. Also just met Don who invited me fishing this friday, might see you there, cheers.

    1. Thanks Dave

      Welcome to the UAE!! Hope you will settle in and be happy here, i love it here!

      Look forward to meeting up soon and hopefully on Friday!

      Tight lines.

      1. Adam,

        Although mostly a freshwater
        flyer from the US, looking for
        help with saltwater here in UAE.
        Can you direct me to getting
        lines/leaders, flies, etc in Abu
        Dhabi/Dubai. I live in Al Ain.
        Also, should i get rod/reel fron
        the States and bring over? Need
        help in fly patterns/species.
        Appreciate any help Thanks. Craig

      2. Craig

        Thanks for your message!

        I’ve just sent you my mobile number, call me and we can talk.


  2. How was the fly fishing you mentioned? I was in Oman last weekend, no luck on the fly but a few grouper on spinning gear.

    I have been looking for flies? Have you had any luck in Abu Dhabi?

    Tight Lines

    1. Hi Gaired

      Thank you for your message!

      I will be going fly fishing this coming weekend here in Abu Dhabi.

      Sorry to hear that you never caught anything on the fly in Oman. I have heard the fishing out there is more productive.

      For flies, i bought some from Nick Bowles at Ocean Active http://www.oceanactive.com (they are based in Dubai and Fujairah) to get the successful patterns and i now tie my own.

      Let me know when you are heading in to Abu Dhabi and we can meet up for some fishing.

      Tight lines.

      1. Hi Adam

        I am an avid fly fisherman and have been in Abu Dhabi for 3 years, i am looking for somewhere to go fishing and need some advice if you can help.

  3. Hi Adam,

    Is there any chance of tagging along when you go? We are a couple of guys from South Africa (well I am originally from Geordieland), we fish most weekends and catch sod all (well one 15kg stingray a year ago!). Got loads of gear including a rubber duck with a 12v battery powered motor (you would pass us with our kayaks). So, here is a challenge for you! email me if you want to help a couple of oldies out (we work in AD too). Cheers! Bryan

    1. Hi Bryan

      Thanks for your message.

      No problem, you are welcome to join me for some fishing. I usually go Friday mornings so as to have the afternoon free with the family.

      I will be going this weekend if you wish to join. I just got back from a business trip so need to have a look at tide times etc.

      Just sent you an e-mail with my number.


    2. Hi Adam,
      I am just another fishing mad South African that has moved here (AD) just over a year ago. Been totally unsuccesful with rod and reel and would like to meet up with fellow flyfisherman or just plain fishing buds. Did most of my fishing back home and was on the committe of the Western Province Deep Sea Angling Association and GBBAC for 12 years. Was lucky enough to make the provincial team and fish nationaly back in the early 90’s.
      Is there a flyfishing club in AD, other than the skiboat club at the Marina Mall?
      If there isnt one, what do you think of the idea of starting one? as it appears that you have a great following here and are willing to share your vast experience with other.
      I am prepared to do all the ground work and will offer our apartment as an initial venue. Just more of a get together, than a club. No formal nonsense.
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      Tight lines and cheers

  4. Hi Adam. I reasently moved to Dubai from South Africa. I apreciate your passion for fishing. Was wondering, what species do you guys target this time of year? Lures, bait, times etc. Would love to come envolved on your web sight. Regards N

    1. Hi Nico!

      Thanks for your mail.

      It depends what type of fish you want to target really and the method of fishng your are trying ie shore, boat, fly or kayak etc.Give me a call, i just sent my number to your mail address and we can discuss further.


  5. Adam. Exquese sthe spelling please. Thanx for your replay. I fish from the shore for now. Got a Daiwa SL50 and a 14″ rod. Been casting spoons and popper. Cought some small Baracudas, Yello spot Kingys end some Cutlass (Walla Walla we cal them in SA) The water around Jumayra looks very calm and shalow. Would biger fis move in close to the breakwaters. Was planing on putting out a whole Makriel tonight wath the high tyde. I hear about Cat Fish. Dont know them. Do they have spicks on there back like the ones we get back home. Sorry for all the questions. Thanx for your time.

  6. hi Adam,
    Would like to pay you a compliment on the way you are running the blog. It is brilliant to still meet people that is passionate about what they do and sharing it with others. I am a fly f. addict and will be in Dubai for a business trip from the 18th till the 24th of September 2009. I would love to go fly fishing for a day. My dream ( as so many ) would be to cast for sailfish. I believe the climate is starting to change for the better. Can you maybe suggest someone, maybe yourself, to meet up with while I am there for some fishing.
    Hope to hear form you soon.
    Regards, Riaan from South Africa.

    1. Hi Riaan

      Thanks for your message, glad you are enjoying reading the blog!
      I’ve sent a reply to your inbox.
      Tight lines.

  7. Hi Adam-trust you are well. Have been having some luck on my Kayak which I bought from Don-really good man-maybe we could hook up and some time for some fishing.

  8. Adam,
    Thanks for putting up the blog. I am an avid FF both salt and freshwater, based here for a while from the states. So far yours is the best intel I’ve found on the SWFF in Abu. Wife comes over with my 9wt in tow in February, I’ll try to hook up w/ you guys when the gear shows up. Thanks again for putting the info out there.

    1. Hi Zac

      Thanks for the mail!

      Haven’t been able to fish much lately do to starting a new job but will be back to normal after the holidays and as Jan 1st i expect to be out again doing what i love most.

      Feel free to mail me again and we can meet up and do some SWFF…!

      Tight lines.

  9. Hey Adam, great blog. I’ve just moved to Abu Dhabi and i’m trying to organize a fishing trip for my husband as a surprise. He was an avid fisherman in NYC and I know he would love the idea. I’m having a hard time finding a place that will take a group of us out and also cook our catch. Do you have any recommendations in AD? Or alternate suggestions? I reached out to Arabian Divers and they were pricey. Thanks very much, Alida.

  10. Adam:
    I recently moved here and brought my kayaks. Is there anywhere you can reccomend to go? I tried along the mangroves by the Coast Road, but can’t think of anywhere else I can launch the yak that might hold fish. Also, anytime you’re going and would like some company, I’d love to learn some more about fishing here from someone who knows their stuff.

    1. Hi Virgil
      Welcome to the UAE!
      You should check out http://fishemirates.freeforums.org which is an active forum in the UAE where many like minded fishermen post there fishing reports form within the UAE. You will find others that kayak fish on here also and can pick up some tips and ideas of where to fish here. You need to register yourself with a username and then start posting and exchange information…..tight lines.

  11. Hello Adam – have been here for 7 years and the fishing gets better each year. Have done a fair amount of fishing off the ski (kayak) – is there a kayak fishing club? Do we need to start one? Ran the Abu Dhabi Ocean warriors (surfski club) for 3 years – a few takers for some exicitement if its up for the taking. Cheers Damien

    1. Hi Damien

      Thanks for the mail. There are a number of people i know fish from the yak on a regular basis. I’ve just sent you an e-mail.

      Tight lines.

  12. Hey Adam, I hope your well mate? the summer is finally drawing to close and the rods are all dusted down for action!!!

    When you choose to activate the first pass out of the season let me know, as mentioned on th FE Forum there is a few fish about at the moment… Take care pal, James,

    ps I still want those reels if they are still taking up room in your bottom drawer!

  13. Hi Adam
    I am staying at the Sheraton Corniche and have had a couple of walks alo ng the Corniche nearby, saw lots of needle fish but not much else. Also looked along the bridge near Marina Mall. I dont fly fish, is it worth lure fishing these spots or others you can recommend or is it mainly baitfishing.

    1. Thanks for the note Jeff

      There are all kinds of fishing to be done here, traditional with hand line, fly fishing, trolling from a boat, spinning with light tackle from the shore/breakwaters and then the usual rod,reel, hook, bait and weight again from the shore or boat (bottom fishing).

      The season is really just about to start again by October and once the heat passes we should be into the king fish season. feel free to call me.

      Tight lines.

      1. Hi Adam,

        Are you still based in the UAE? I’ve just relocated to Bahrain, I know it’s more than a chip and putt away from the UAE. Have you ever been FF this side or know of anybody who has been?

        I tried my luck yesterday for the first time here and hooked into two small Queen fish to my surprise as I don’t have any flies here and was using some makeshift ones as I can’t find anywhere to buy this side.

  14. Hi Adam – I did get your response some time back – Thanks.
    Went out on Thursday morning and was somewhat disappointed with my RAPALLA selection collected in haste the day before at a local fish shop. Thought I would take the “SILVER” back to the shop as I had only had success with the Dubai Flag or REDHEAD in the past. On the way past the fishing harbour, on the way to the main shipping channel hook a baby hammour, through it back and carried on. I lost the REDHEAD, partly due to the coast gaurd and the pilot boat ignoring THE RULES OF THE ROAD, near the main shipping channel – bugger. Anyway it was now around 10h30, warm and we thought we should return to the Marina Mall berth.As any good fisherman would do I set the SILVER Rapalla and trolled home – well it was then tha tfun began – slaughtered some Hammour (3 off 2 kg plus) on the way back – what a red letter day. The season is off to a good start. Good luck to you all.

  15. Hi Adam

    I would like to get information on fly fishing and which area do you go to for some fishing from the shore?
    Are there places to buy some fly fishing line for the sea?

    Thank you

    Pieter de Bruto

  16. Hi Adam,

    Really enjoyed the blog. My wife is a big fishing fan and we usually go off the shore or creek in Dubai. I’m trying to plan a trip to Fujeirah to charter a boat there and catch some Dorados. Do you have any reliable boat contacts there or can you tell me approximately how much I should expect to pay for a half day trip? Any advice is welcome. Thanks

  17. Hi Adam – just bought a sports fishing boat & am based in Abu Dhabi – would like to have a chat with you about boat fishing in the area – could you e-mail me your number ?.



  18. Hi Adam. I just read your blog. Very interesting. My name is Peter and I`am from Germany. I will start working and fishing in Abu Dhabi in June 2012 (-:.
    What kind of tackle do I need? Is 20 Ibs enought or do I need 30 or 50 Ibs tackle?
    In Germany I `am owner of a trolling- tackle shop . Our peakseason for salmons in the Baltic Sea is the wintertime. Now I´am looking forward to catch some bigger fish in t-shirt.
    PS: Excuse my terrible english !
    Regards, Peter

  19. Hi Adam,
    Thinking of visiting AD over Easter and would like to try the fly fishing. Can you give me some details of what you can do for me with some ideas of pricing etc. Have my own gear – 10 weight Winston rod, Orvis Mirage V reel, selection of 10 weight floating line and 12 weight shooting heads. Hope this would be OK.

  20. Adam, where do you recommend for fly fighting from the shore in the UAE or surrounding Emirates?

    Best regards


  21. Hi Adam,
    Inspirational stuff …..still reading through your blogs with awe. I will get around to them all ….but just off out with my float rod to have some fun :o)

    I am staying in Dubai – been here for 3 months now – and awaiting the rest of my tackle and dinghy to arrive from the UK (ISO container). Meanwhile I have three float rods and 4lb line !!!!

    Had my first milk fish yesterday, but smaller than the ones in your articles. Had a selection of mullet (three different species so far) and goodness knows how many other species; which are all great fun on light tackle.

    Can I be cheeky and ask you to email me with some suggested areas to try for the Milkies and if you have seen any Mullet on your travels (they are my life-long passion)….would be very grateful


  22. Hi everyone,
    Adam may have left the UAE…or does not check his blog site often ?
    Does anyone know if he is still here ?

    Any news or if you have any leads that would help me in chasing down those Milkies I would be very grateful….. email me at j.murphy@btinternet.com

    If you are interested in reading about my exploits so far then have a browse at the following site (you have to copy it to your web bar direct and not into google search; otherwise it just takes you straight to my UK forum….google isn’t perfect


    Cheers – Nick

  23. Hey Adam!! Really nice blog!!

    I just started fishing (spinning reel) one day back…and it was a really disappointing first day with the lines getting stuck on the rocks, after which I had to snap it…I lost 5 sets today…and just gave up! I went out to Mina, and Marina (near Marina Mall)…where this happened.

    Could you recommend some good spots for a novice like me…and any tips or so I could gain some knowledge from? I have a 2.1m telescopic rod with three hooks for the line, and I use small hooks (dunno the size).

    Looking forward for your reply!


  24. Hi Adam in December 2014 i moved to Abu Dhabi from Singapore and i like fishing a lot. but in Singapore i mainly fish in small freshwater canals. since i’m quite new and you seem to know quite a lot about Abu Dhabi fishing, if you know, are there any man-made or natural freshwater lakes,ponds,rivers,canals that i can go to and fish. if there aren’t any that you know of, then can you tell me what type of fish i can catch at Maqta Bridge and what type of bait i need to use and if i need a certain fishing rod. Please reply! 🙂

  25. Hey Cedric

    Hopefully you settled in well by now and found the fishing good and productive.

    Good luck to you.

    Tight lines

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